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Federal Reserve outlook given yesterday’s inflation numbers

Astor’s CIO, John Eckstein, and Research Associate, Nick Porter, discuss the Fed’s outlook after yesterday’s inflation numbers.

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June 2022 Update on the U.S. Economy

The Astor Economic Index crossed the Rubicon (or perhaps just the Delaware) in May, ending the month just below the 0 line and at a level consistent with (barely) below average economic growth.  Note that the AEI is suggesting that the pace of growth in the US has slowed, but is not yet at a…

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Is a recession likely?

Astor’s CIO, John Eckstein, and Research Associate, Nick Porter break down the latest economic data to help them decide whether or not a recession is likely to occur.

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Market Commentary: Super-Hyper Inflation, So What’s the Plan?

Wednesday (5/18) was a day of turmoil in equity markets with the S&P 500 down about 4% as investors sold risk assets for the safety of government bonds. I personally wouldn’t jump into bonds for the long term at this point, but yesterday investors needed to do something and bonds were the easiest choice. Markets…

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Stock Market Tantrums

Astor’s CEO, Rob Stein, and CIO, John Eckstein, discuss changes in labor market, updates on the Fed, and recent stock market tantrums.

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Market Commentary: It’s all about the Fed… Still

The markets have had a challenging time the past few weeks, quickly retracing back to the levels of a year ago. Perspective is always important, but the Fed’s perspective is essential!  As I said at the beginning of the year, it’s all about the Fed and how they navigate interest rates.  The Fed got it wrong when…

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Breaking down the latest GDP report and the outlook for the Fed in this week’s Astor Economic Week in Review

CIO, John Eckstein, and Research Partner, Nick Porter, dive deep into the latest GDP report and outlook for the Fed.

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The Strength of the Economy at the start of Q2

CIO, John Eckstein, and Research Associate, Nick Porter, discuss Inflation, CPI, PPI Final Demand, and the Fed. AIM-4/18/22-OP560

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April 2022 Update on the U.S. Economy

The Astor Economic Index continued its slide in March, consistent with our reading of a cooling but still strong economy. The domestic macroeconomic outlook is at an interesting crossroads, with persistent inflation, negative real wages, and high input costs on one hand, and very strong labor market dynamics, corporate earnings, and solid output growth on…

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Employment Report Discussion

Discussion Topics: Overall Strength of Economy Jobs Report Fed Moves AIM-4/4/22-OP554

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Commodity Market Update – Q1 2022

Many of the most visible commodities – energies and grains – appreciated a great deal during the first quarter as shown in the charts below for eight of the more well known commodity contracts.   There are macro factors both boosting and restraining commodity prices: On the bullish for commodities side: Shift in the composition…

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Latest Updates on the Fed and the U.S. Economy

Astor’s CIO, John Eckstein, and research partner, Nick Porter, discuss the latest Fed and U.S. Economy updates. AIM-3/21/22-OP553

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March 2022 Update on the U.S. Economy

With the ebbing of the global pandemic, one may have hoped February would mark the beginning of business as usual and a return to focusing on supply chains and other macroeconomic fundamentals. Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine has added another exogenous shock to the system. We’ll delve into the U.S. economic situation below, and touch…

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Insights into the latest unemployment report and the effect of the war in Ukraine on US inflation.

Astor’s CIO, John Eckstein, and Research Partner, Nick Porter, discuss the latest unemployment report and the effect of the war in Ukraine on US inflation.  AIM-3/7/22-OP549

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Will the war in Ukraine derail the US economy? The Astor research team debate.

John Eckstein, CIO at AIM, and his research partner, Nick Porter, dive deep into how and if the Ukraine and Russian war will impact the US economy. AIM-2/28/22-OP545

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The latest on inflation from the Astor Research Team

CIO, John Eckstein, and Research Partner, Nick Porter, discuss changes in the U.S economy and the latest updates on inflation. AIM-2/11/22-OP541

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February 2022 Update on the U.S. Economy

January proved an exciting month for macroeconomic data, with some clarity gained on the near-term trajectory of the U.S. economy and the state of inflation. We’ll begin with the Astor Economic Index, which has begun to move down rather precipitously of late. Although the AEI’s movement over the past month might make for a concerning…

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Was the latest payroll report as strong as it seems?

John Eckstein and Bryan Novak break down the latest payroll report.

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Protected: Astor 2021 Review Call with Rob Stein

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Inflation and The Fed

Inflation and the Fed is the topic of this week’s podcast. Plus: why January’s data may be the worst in months. With Chief Investment Officer, John Eckstein, and Research Associate, Nick Porter. AIM-1/21/22-OP523

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