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Stock Market Tantrums

Astor’s CEO, Rob Stein, and CIO, John Eckstein, discuss changes in labor market, updates on the Fed, and recent stock market tantrums.

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Breaking down the latest GDP report and the outlook for the Fed in this week’s Astor Economic Week in Review

CIO, John Eckstein, and Research Partner, Nick Porter, dive deep into the latest GDP report and outlook for the Fed.

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The Strength of the Economy at the start of Q2

CIO, John Eckstein, and Research Associate, Nick Porter, discuss Inflation, CPI, PPI Final Demand, and the Fed. AIM-4/18/22-OP560

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Employment Report Discussion

Discussion Topics: Overall Strength of Economy Jobs Report Fed Moves AIM-4/4/22-OP554

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Latest Updates on the Fed and the U.S. Economy

Astor’s CIO, John Eckstein, and research partner, Nick Porter, discuss the latest Fed and U.S. Economy updates. AIM-3/21/22-OP553

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Insights into the latest unemployment report and the effect of the war in Ukraine on US inflation.

Astor’s CIO, John Eckstein, and Research Partner, Nick Porter, discuss the latest unemployment report and the effect of the war in Ukraine on US inflation.  AIM-3/7/22-OP549

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Will the war in Ukraine derail the US economy? The Astor research team debate.

John Eckstein, CIO at AIM, and his research partner, Nick Porter, dive deep into how and if the Ukraine and Russian war will impact the US economy. AIM-2/28/22-OP545

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The latest on inflation from the Astor Research Team

CIO, John Eckstein, and Research Partner, Nick Porter, discuss changes in the U.S economy and the latest updates on inflation. AIM-2/11/22-OP541

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Was the latest payroll report as strong as it seems?

John Eckstein and Bryan Novak break down the latest payroll report.

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Inflation and The Fed

Inflation and the Fed is the topic of this week’s podcast. Plus: why January’s data may be the worst in months. With Chief Investment Officer, John Eckstein, and Research Associate, Nick Porter. AIM-1/21/22-OP523

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Payroll Numbers 2022

Topics Covered: Disappointing payroll number made up for by a substantial household number When adjusting the household survey to match the same concepts as the establishment survey there has been a relatively big gap over the last 1 1/2 years and that gap is closing quickly Less acceleration this quarter than the previous quarter Payroll numbers…

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Fed’s Latest Policy Shift: Astor Economic Week in Review

Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, press conference summarized by Astor CIO, John Eckstein, and Research Associate, Nick Porter   AIM-12/17/21-OP505

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The Latest Employment Report – Clouds and Silver Linings with Rob Stein and John Eckstein

Are the employment numbers stronger than they seem? AIM-12/6/21-OP498

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Astor Weekly Economic Review – 85 – Questions about Inflation?

Astor CIO John Eckstein and Research Associate Nick Porter break down the latest price measures and the Fed’s options for addressing high inflation. AIM-11/19/21-OP493

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Astor Weekly Economic Review – 83 – A Special Episode Focusing on Inflation

1) Inflation #’s 2) Causes for Inflation 3) Possible Solutions for Inflation 4) Recent Academic Thinking around Inflation AIM-10/27/21-OP474

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Astor Weekly Economic Review – 82 – CEO, Rob Stein, and CIO, John Eckstein, Break Down the Weak Employment Report

Topics Discussed: Labor Market Rate of Improvement is Slowing Divergence between Labor Market Surveys New Labor Market Trend ? Fed Tapering Jobless Claims PMI, CPI, and PCE Reports

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Astor Weekly Economic Review – Episode 81 – Astor Research Team Discusses the Spikes in Natural Gas and Other Commodity Markets

Covering global factors in commodity markets: strength of the world economy, strength of the U.S. Dollar. In depth conversation over the natural gas market: facing constraints due to increase in demand and decrease in supply from Russia. Factor in cold weather possibly occurring in Europe and it could cause trouble. Insights into the grain markets;…

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Astor Weekly Economic Review – Episode 80 -The Astor Research Team Dives into the Fed’s Promise of Tightening

Growth is still strong and we should have seen the peak behind us and now we have these on-going questions about time constraints and price pressures in the economy. Fed is talking about tapering, reducing the pace in treasuries and agency securities. The indication of when this is going to happen is November – the…

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Astor Weekly Economic Review- Episode 79 -Payroll Friday

This week- Astor CEO, Rob Stein, and CIO, John Eckstein make sense of the Employment Situation Report and it’s implications- the FED in particular. Rob Stein shares his thoughts on the Fed’s actions coming out of Jackson Hole Economic Symposium and answers John’s question, “Is the latest labor market news going to affect the Fed’s…

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