Sector Allocation

Astor Sector Allocation is a core equity solution that analyzes economic fundamentals at the sector level. It utilizes multiple signals to rotate into and out of sectors depending upon our expectations for growth within specific sectors compared to the overall growth of the economy.


Strategy Highlights

Managing Risk

Offers the ability to mitigate risk with the flexibility to allocate assets from 100% all-cap domestic equity to a mixture of high levels cash/fixed income, in pursuit of providing some downside protection with risk reduction.

Sector Rotation

Seeks to generate excess return through both sector rotation and factor-based security selection (size, style, value/growth) as well as risk management approach during declining economic environments

Level of Equity Risk

The combination of maneuvering through sectors in various economic cycles and the ability to lower equity allocations provides the portfolio with enhanced risk control. History has shown sharp equity market downturns correlate highly with economic slowdowns and recessions. The Sector Allocation portfolio seeks to identify these disruptions as they occur and adjust allocations accordingly.

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