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What do the Latest Unemployment Numbers Mean for the Fed Outlook?

Astor’s CIO John “Jan” Eckstein and Nick Tell, CEO of Armory Capital discuss the latest unemployment numbers and what they mean for the Fed Outlook – LISTEN NOW! Podcast # 138 MAS-M-541552-2024-05-06

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Astor Strategies/U.S. Economy Update: April 2024

The Astor Monthly Economic Update is changing formats slightly this month. We are keeping the astute economic commentary you’ve come to rely on, but in a more concise format and with clearer ties to the portfolios we manage. ASTOR DYNAMIC ALLOCATION: AVERAGE AND STABLE EQUITY ALLOCATION The U.S. economy showed no signs of cooling further,…

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How The Latest Economic Data Shifts the Fed Outlook

Astor CIO, John Eckstein and CEO, Bryan Novak discuss how the latest economic data shifts the Fed outlook – LISTEN NOW! Ep 137 MAS-M-524452-2024-04-09

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Why Astor Active Income?

Astor CEO, Bryan Novak, gives an overview of the Astor Active Income Strategy and why it is a potential fit for your clients in today’s market. In the current landscape of fixed income investments, the act of purchasing bonds feels more akin to making a strategic trade rather than simply seeking steady income, especially when…

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March 2024 Update on the U.S. Economy

The Astor Economic Index® (AEI) ended the month of February at around average growth once again, with a tight labor market slightly ameliorated by weakening signs of consumer demand. We talk about the latest job reports, inflation, and the upcoming Fed meeting below.   Non-farm payrolls rose 275,000 in February, above Bloomberg consensus of 200k,…

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Job Market Insights: Analyzing the Latest Numers and Their Impact on the Federal Reserve

Astor’s CIO John Eckstein and Nick Tell, CEO of Armory Capital discuss the the latest economic numbers and their impact on the federal reserve. LISTEN NOW! MAS-M-476982-2024-01-08

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December 2023 Update on the U.S. Economy

Our last reading of the Astor Economic Index® (AEI) in 2023 places U.S. economic growth in about average territory, up modestly from the beginning of the year as expectations for future growth improved. The consensus narrative agrees with this reading, seeing an economy that has finally shook off the pandemic induced shackles and returned to…

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Let’s Look at Labor, Employment, and Payroll Trends

Astor’s CIO John Eckstein and Nick Tell, CEO of Armory Capital discuss the Labor Market and Payroll Trends. LISTEN NOW! MAS-M-467041-2023-12-08

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November 2023 Update on the U.S. Economy

The Astor Economic Index® (AEI) continued its upward trend in October, ending at a level just around average economic growth. It has been an interesting journey for the AEI this year so far, with somewhat weak growth (driven mostly by soft PMIs) balanced out by a very hot labor market. Due in part to soft…

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October 2023 Update on the U.S. Economy

Over the past few months, forecasts of an imminent recession have been pushed further and further away. Instead, consensus views vacillate between two scenarios: an economy “stuck” at higher growth  and higher interest rates for the time being, and the much-heralded soft landing, with a slowly cooling labor market and inflation coming down over time….

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Get the Breakdown of the Latest Payroll Number with CEO Rob Stein and CIO John Eckstein

CIO John Eckstein and CEO Rob Stein discuss the current state of the economy, which they coin as ‘Goldilocks.’ In this episode 130, they delve into key economic indicators such as the employment situation report, inflation, an economy review, and payroll numbers. Tune in now! MAS-M-434759-2023-10-09

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Exploring The Best Opportunities in the Fixed-Income Market Right Now!

Astor’s CIO John Eckstein and Nick Tell, CEO of Armory Capital discuss the Fed’s outlook for the rest of the year and the fixed-income market as of today. LISTEN NOW! MAS-M-428351-2023-09-22

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What is the Fed Outlook with the Recent Economic Data?

Astor’s CIO John Eckstein and Portfolio Manager/Vice President – Research, Nick Porter provide insights on recent economic data and the Fed’s outlook. LISTEN NOW! MAS-M-424640-2023-09-12

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September 2023 Update on the U.S. Economy

The U.S. economy remained around potential in August, with softer labor market prints pointing to lower momentum in hiring against the backdrop of a secularly tight labor market. The Astor Economic Index® has ticked up slightly, but remains range bound in the average to below average economic growth.   As we’ve said in the past,…

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INSIGHTS: Economic Crystall Balls – Comparing Four Recession Forecasting Tools

If I tell a stranger, you are an economist the first thing you notice is the glassy look in their eyes. The second thing that happens is that they ask you what will happen to the stock market. Economists don’t know! We can echo Pierpont Morgan and say, “I expect it to fluctuate”, but beyond…

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INSIGHTS: Interest Rates & Fed Minutes: August 2023

Fed minutes from last month’s meeting were released on Wednesday (8/16). After a summer of disinflation, many were hoping for a policy narrative congruent with the downward price movement we’ve seen in 2023: something akin to a final act. While there were a few dovish dissenters that were reluctant to raise the target rate, the…

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August 2023 Update on the U.S. Economy

The U.S. economic picture has been essentially unchanged for the past few months, with a general trend towards disinflation, growth returning towards potential, and a secularly tight but slowing labor market. The Astor Economic Index® agrees with this narrative, ending the month of July at a level consistent with below potential output, driven mostly by…

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Payroll Pulse – Navigating the Economy

Astor Investment Management’s CEO,  Rob Stein and CIO, John Eckstein discuss the payroll pulse and navigating the economy. Listen now! Episode 126 MAS-M-413594-2023-08-08

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Economic Kaleidoscope: Unveiling Super Insight into the Economy

Astor Investment Management’s, CIO John Eckstein along with John Davi, CEO Astoria Portfolio Advisors discuss the economic kaleidoscope! Listen now! Episode 125 MAS-M-403727-2023-07-17

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July 2023 Update on the U.S. Economy

In our view, the U.S. economy is well on its way to cooling to its pre-pandemic potential, and a soft landing (with stable payrolls and slightly above average inflation) is more likely today than in the recent past. Refraining from over extrapolating any given data point will be important going forward – the economy, and…

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