Astor offers tactical asset allocation strategies that seek to provide consistent, risk-managed portfolios for clients. The strategies are based on the systematic application of macroeconomic data analysis to specific markets and market segments. Astor believes observing market cycles and economic trends can provide useful insights for a disciplined approach to portfolio management and asset allocation. Astor’s Investment Committee employs a proprietary methodology for analyzing information from a series of broad economic indicators. Astor’s strategies attempt to achieve similar or higher average returns and lower volatility than broad benchmarks throughout full economic and market cycles. Astor uses exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) for portfolio construction within its strategies.

Astor’s strategies are available through Separately Managed Accounts, Mutual Funds, and Model Delivery Arrangements.


Astor’s Funds utilize Astor’s investment philosophy centered on macroeconomic analysis. Throughout all economic cycles, Astor’s macroeconomic and trend analysis is utilized to make investment decisions. Astor manages mutual funds with different risk levels and investment objectives. Astor’s Funds invest primarily in exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”).

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