Active Income

The Astor Active Income strategy takes an active, fundamental approach to income investing by assessing risk and opportunity across the capital market spectrum. Active Income is designed to complement more static income allocations with flexibility to invest in various income-producing asset classes and adjust allocations throughout market cycles. The strategy seeks to find the appropriate mix of investments that will provide a more attractive yield-to-risk ratio than intermediate term Treasury bonds.


Strategy Highlights

Risk Management

Analyzes macroeconomic, interest rate, and credit data in an effort to reduce volatility and minimize principal risk by making adjustments to duration, credit quality, and dividend equity exposure.


Seeks to add value through diversification and exposure adjustments to credit and duration in order to reduce the impact of adverse credit and rate conditions

Dynamic Approach

Attempts to generate returns during any market environment; may invest in equity and other non-fixed income asset classes to complement the portfolio’s overall fixed income view

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