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Chief Executive Officer


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Robert Stein began his career as a project analyst for the Federal Reserve under former Chairman Paul Volcker and later went on to hold senior trading or portfolio management positions with large money-center Wall Street banks. Returning to Chicago in 1994, he formed Astor Financial, Inc., the parent company of Astor Asset Management LLC (“AAM”) a registered investment adviser and the predecessor firm to Astor Investment Management, LLC. Knight Capital Group (NYSE: KCG) acquired AAM in 2010 and Mr. Stein was appointed to the Executive Committee reporting to the Board of Directors and directly to the Chairman. In a management restructuring, Mr. Stein reorganized AAM as an independent firm (Astor Investment Management LLC). Mr. Stein is the co-creator of the Astor Economic Index® (AEI), the firm’s proprietary method used to create what we believe is a smoother, more accurate “live read” on the economy. He is also the author of several books, including Inside Greenspan’s Briefcase (McGraw-Hill) and Finding the Bull inside the Bear (John Wiley & Sons). Mr. Stein is the founder of the i-CARE Foundation, an organization that provides an annual grant to Northwestern Hospital to enhance the patient experience, and is Vice Chairman of the Board of Advisors to GlenKirk, an organization that supports people with special needs. Mr. Stein holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Michigan.



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