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Rob Stein Discusses Unemployment Rate on TDA Network’s Morning Trade Live – December 6, 2019

Watch Astor’s CEO and Founder, Rob Stein, on TDA Network’s, Morning Trade Live with Oliver Renick,  as they discuss the current unemployment rate.   Click the image above or click here to watch the video! All information contained herein is for informational purposes only. This is not a solicitation to offer investment advice or services…

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Astor’s Bryan Novak featured in Wealth Management Magazine’s 2019 Market Outlook

  In the 2019 Market Outlook published this month by, Astor portfolio manager, Bryan Novak, highlights key factors that impact rates, credit, and the economy. Click here to read more! All information contained herein is for informational purposes only. This is not a solicitation to offer investment advice or services in any state where to…

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Rob Stein Assesses Economic Strength and the Opportunity for Growth

  Should you be worried about GDP, jobless claims, or durable goods derailing the economy in the near future? Astor CEO, Rob Stein, evaluates the US economic strength, opportunities for growth, and supply and demand questions in the housing market. Click the image above or click here to watch the video! All information contained herein…

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U.S. Stocks Shake Off Global Selloff – WSJ ft. Bryan Novak

“The U.S. economy continues to improve,” said Bryan Novak, senior managing director with Astor Investment Management, which manages $1.1 billion. “Anyone who has maintained that view has been rewarded over the past couple of years.” (READ MORE)

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Money Flowing Amid Selloff – Bloomberg ft. Rob Stein

The money added to the SPDR S&P 500 ETF this week may reflect more complex strategies than simply bullish investors buying stocks, according to Robert Stein, who helps oversee $900 million as president of Chicago-based Astor Investment Management LLC. “People could be selling options against it,” Stein said in an interview. “They could be selling…

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Tech stocks weigh on S&P 500: MarketWatch Live Blog ft. Rob Stein

Rob Stein, CEO of Astor Investment Management said that Tuesday’s pullback is mostly due to technicals rather than fundamentals. “When markets reach new peaks, investors tend to take opportunity and lighten up and rebalance. We think the economy is in its mid cycle and has more room to grow. All recent economic data point to…

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Stock market rally is more than a big number: Investment News interviews Rob Stein

“We think the probability is high for risk assets to appreciate over the next several quarters because of economic fundamentals. We have a pretty low hurdle of what we need fundamentally from the economic data to continue to push stock prices higher.” (READ MORE)

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Stocks climb in face of global upheaval: Investment News ft. Rob Stein

The market’s resilience should be considered against the backdrop of what is now a stronger U.S. economy than it was just a few years ago. (READ MORE)

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Just a Regular Day of Record Highs, No Big Deal: The Street ft. Rob Stein

Despite the shadow of tension in the Middle East, Astor Investment Management CEO Robert Stein assures the economic fundamentals remain sound. “Drama, politically, sometimes causes markets to correct or have spikes and volatility so that could happen but I would suggest … that [it] would not derail where the expected path is for risk assets…

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Will tumult in Iraq unnerve clients?: Investment News ft. Rob Stein

“These same geopolitical events against a different economic backdrop would produce different outcomes.Right now the U.S. economy is solid, even if it isn’t accelerating the way it could be. But a few years ago, this same news out of the Middle East would have a much larger impact on the markets.” (READ MORE)

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S&P 500, Dow retreat from records as stocks edge lower: MarketWatch live blog ft. Rob Stein

The economy is growing very slowly, but still growing. The fact that the economy contracted in the first quarter does not matter at this point because it is not the beginning of the recession, as there is enough evidence of a snap-back in the second quarter.(READ MORE)

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“3 Views On Where US Stocks Are Headed” – article ft. Rob Stein

The U.S. stock market continues to forge new highs, but the upside momentum doesn’t seem to be inspiring the same level of confidence investors had in 2013, when U.S. stocks rallied about 30 percent. (READ MORE…)

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“Dow, S&P 500 End at Records” – WSJ article ft. Rob Stein

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 edged up to fresh records, as investors maintained their focus on a stable U.S. economy and better-than-expected corporate earnings. (READ MORE…)

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“S&P 500 briefly crosses 1,900 for the first time” – AP Markets article ft. Rob Stein

NEW YORK (AP) — The Standard & Poor’s 500 index briefly crossed 1,900 for the first time Tuesday as investors assessed news on retail sales. Keurig Green Mountain jumped on reports that Coca-Cola had raised its stake in the company. (READ MORE…)

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“Combining Fundamental ETFs With Traditional Ones” – S&P Capital IQ article ft. Astor

Astor’s Long/Short Balanced ETF Fund was featured in S&P Capital IQ. (READ MORE…)

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“Cap-Weighted, Smart Beta ETFs Can be Friends” – ETF Trends article ft. Astor

The ascent of smart beta or intelligent index exchange traded funds is undeniable. Astor’s Long/Short Balanced strategy is profiled. (READ MORE…)

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“Stocks Could Stay Stuck in a Tight Range” – WSJ article ft. Rob Stein

Even as the S&P 500 has carved out new records in 2014, the U.S. stock market is struggling to match the big strides made last year. (READ MORE…)

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