Effective December 1, 2016, Astor Investment Management is changing the name of its flagship Astor Long/Short Balanced strategy to Astor Dynamic Allocation. Over the years, the term “long/short” has changed so much, we believe “Astor Dynamic Allocation” is more accurate and reflective of our investment philosophy and approach.

In addition, we are changing the name of our Astor S.T.A.R. strategy to Astor Sector Allocation. We believe this name change simplifies and clarifies for investors the strategy’s objectives.

Importantly, these changes are in the name only. Astor’s investment team, philosophy, and approach remain the same across these strategies, as they have since inception.

“Our mission remains the same: helping investors improve risk-adjusted returns over time as they pursue their investment goals,” said Astor Investment Management Founder and CEO Rob Stein. “We believe that, more than ever in today’s environment, pursuing these goals will require a dynamic approach to asset allocation.”

To help investors better understand dynamic asset allocation, Astor Investment Management is taking a “solution focus” in how it communicates with current and prospective clients. To that end, Astor Investment Management is renaming two of its investment strategies:  Astor Sector Allocation (formerly, Astor S.T.A.R.) and Astor Dynamic Allocation (formerly Astor Long/Short Balanced).

“There have been no changes to the investment process behind Astor’s strategies, or the people responsible for managing them,” said John Eckstein, Astor’s Chief Investment Officer. “We believe it’s very important for our clients and prospective clients to understand that these processes remain unchanged—along with our continued focus on fundamentally driven, macroeconomics-based investing.”


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