Date: July 2018

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Astor Investment Management CIO, John Eckstein, on Bond Markets

Play Video   All information contained herein is for informational purposes only. This is not a solicitation to offer investment advice or services in any state where to do so would be unlawful. Analysis and research are provided for informational purposes only, not for trading or investing. Astor and its affiliates are not liable for…

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If the yield curve talks, should investors listen?

A favorite indicator among economists for predicting recessions is the yield curve—the difference between long-term rates and short-term rates.  As of this writing, the difference between 10-year Treasuries and 2-year notes is 0.30%, a decrease from just under 1% a year ago. When this relationship flattens and goes below zero, it’s believed that the economy is likely…

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July Update on the US Economy

Our proprietary Astor Economic Index® is still showing strong growth in the US economy. The index is currently near the top of the fairly narrow range it has been in the last twelve months. The labor market continues to add more jobs than is required to keep up with the natural growth of population and…

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