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Brexit Fallout Puts Next Round of U.S. Economic Data in Spotlight

As fallout from the Brexit vote continues to be felt—most acutely in currency and confidence—attention on this side of the pond turns to the next round of economic reports for clues as to how the U.S. economy will withstand the inevitable headwinds from the event. From a market perspective, Brexit is best understood as an…

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Brexit – First impressions for the US and world economy

This morning our CEO Rob Stein wrote a good overview of the our view of the US after the British vote to leave the EU earlier.  As Rob said, at Astor we are alert for signs of a deteriorating US economy, but we will wait to see them before we further reduce our exposure to…

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The Brexit ‘Event’: Uncertainty and Volatility But Not the Dot to Connect to a U.S. Economic Downturn

News that the U.K. voted to leave the European Union sent a shockwave through the markets, which reacted—as markets do—to the unanticipated with a sharp selloff from the Nikkei to the FTSE 100, with the U.S. markets opening sharply lower [down about 3% at the time of this post].  Given that polls had predicted the…

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Fed Watch: Welcome to Square One

The Federal Reserve’s decision this week to hold short-term interest rates where they are and to reiterate its uncertainty about the pace of rate hikes in the future came as a “shock” to some. The Wall Street Journal called the Fed’s inaction a “sharp reversal” from a few weeks ago when even Fed Chair Janet…

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Second Fed Rate Hike? Much Ado About Not Very Much

Imagine this scenario: You are at the next regular board meeting at Apple, Microsoft, Tesla or some company of your choosing. As you glance down the agenda, where do you picture the discussion of the Federal Reserve’s expected interest rate hike? At the top? Somewhere near the bottom? My guess is that it isn’t mentioned…

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June Quick Read on the US Economy

The economic news softened somewhat from my last update.  The payroll numbers for May were especially weak, following a modest April.  However, we should not exaggerate one reading of a volatile series Overall the economy still looks like it is on a decent heading, but evidence has accumulated of at least a small pause in…

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