Date: January 2015

3 posts in January 2015


Navagating “Smart Beta” ETFs

Up on is part one of my three part post on “smart beta” ETFs.  Check it out.  This part deals with dividend-focused funds and the indexes that underlay them.

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An exciting start to 2015 in Europe

January is off to a brisk start for traders and central bankers in Europe. I see no quick turnaround to Europe’s economic malaise. The ECB is widely expected to announce a well telegraphed QE announcement this week. The hints going around are slightly higher than I expected, at around 600B Euros. If the ECB is…

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Notes on oil

The oil market has grabbed the headlines for the last month and this week I made a presentation at the request of a client so I thought I would share a few notes on the blog. We are in an example of the classic commodity boom and bust cycle. This cycle holds for commodities who’s…

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