Date: November 2014

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Some international equity ideas on

I have a note on some international ETF ideas on  You’re not going to like it but there is a case for buying France.

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No good news in the preliminary Markit PMIs

As always, the Markit Purchasing Managers Indexes are some of the first data we receive about a month. The November preliminary readings came out today and from the perspective of the global business cycle, it is hard to find good news in there. All the PMIs released were lower than their final number for October….

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A tale of two markets

Two authors I respect very much have post I would like to argue with a bit. The different response to the US economy to dramatic stock market declines in 2000-2002 and 2007-2008 is very interesting, what does it tell us about the US economy? Cecchetti & Schoenholt say that the story is all about leverage…

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New directions for the Fed in 2015

The big decision for the Fed next year will be if they should start raising interest rates. Remember that the fed is charged to try to maintain price stability and full employment. This chart shows unemployment and inflation along with the Fed’s inflation target (in blue) and the unemployment rate consistent with stable prices (in…

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Weekly Drive: October 27th to October 31st, 2014

NOTE: Content was written on 11/4 and posted 11/7. Certain events already took place. I hope everyone is ready for winter. It is coming. We had our first snowflakes of the season last Friday along with massive waves on the lakefront which ruined the walking path. THE KEY ECONOMIC LANDMARKS WE PASSED 1.  Housing Pending Home…

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