Sector Allocation

Astor Sector Allocation is a core equity solution that analyzes economic fundamentals at the sector level. It utilizes multiple signals to rotate into and out of sectors depending upon our expectations for growth within specific sectors compared to the overall growth of the economy.



Offers the ability to mitigate risk with the flexibility to allocate assets from 100% all-cap domestic equity to a mixture of high levels cash/fixed income, in pursuit of providing some downside protection with risk reduction.


Seeks to generate excess return through both sector rotation and factor-based security selection (size, style, value/growth) as well as risk management approach during declining economic environments



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Drawdown: A drawdown represents the loss experienced during a period and is calculated as the difference from the peak price to the lowest price in the period.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results and there is no assurance Astor’s strategies will achieve their objectives, generate positive returns, avoid losses, or produce returns similar to past periods.

The Strategy seeks to achieve its objectives by investing in in Exchange-Traded Funds (“ETFs”). An ETF is a type of Investment Company which attempts to achieve a return similar to a set benchmark or index. The value of an ETF is dependent on the value of the underlying assets held. ETFs are subject to investment advisory and other expenses which results in a layering of fees for clients. As a result, your cost of investing in the fund will be higher than the cost of investing directly in ETFs and may be higher than other mutual funds with similar investment objectives. ETFs may trade for less than their net asset value. Although ETFs are exchanged traded, a lack of demand can prevent daily pricing and liquidity from being available. Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the ETFs held within Astor’s strategies before investing. This information can be found in each fund’s prospectus. 503161-382