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Macroeconomics-based Asset Allocation

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OUR MISSION is to provide advisory services based upon economic fundamentals. We educate, empower, and equip investment professionals and their clients with insights on how the economy can serve as a basis for managing risk, and deliver investment solutions derived from our economic based philosophy.

Astor Solutions:

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Seeks to create an optimal mix of exposure to U.S. equity and up to eight asset classes with low correlation to the broader market; uses the Astor Economic Index® for asset allocation.

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A dynamic core equity solution for the risk-minded investor; focuses on macro-economic fundamentals and price trends at sector level; over/underweights sectors with a risk overlay.

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Seeks to provide income and capital appreciation with a focus on risk management; adjusts allocations among income-producing asset classes as market conditions change.

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Multiple strategies across diverse asset classes. Pursuing a global macro hedge fund strategy, with the lower cost, greater transparency and daily liquidity of a mutual fund.

Latest News & Insights


Market Questions: Less Why, More What

Given the stock market’s 10% drop over about the past two weeks, the question we’re left with now is less about “why” and more about “what.” What to do from here? First, we must keep in mind that the S&P 500 has appreciated by almost 30% in three years with little volatility and only minor…

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Bond triple whammy

US ten-year bond yields have increased about 70 basis points to 2.8% over the last several months which gotten the attention of investors.  While ancient market specimens like myself have a hard time seeing 2.8% as “high,” the change from the last several years is interesting.  There is a good argument to be made that…

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Comments on Recent Equity Market Pullback

It’s been a very long time since the stock market was the lead news story. That changed quickly as the stock market declined almost 10% (from intraday high to intraday lows) in the course of two days (2/2 ‐ 2/5/2018)—a big move, no matter how you slice it. The question everyone is asking is, “What’s…

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